Unattended Bar Code Readers

Unattended scanning systems require careful planning and engineering in order to assure a high first pass read rate. Unlike hand held scanning systems, it is not possible to rescan a carton should the bar code fail to read the first time. Unattended scanning systems will attempt thousands of scans per second while hand held systems attempt dozens of scans at best. Unattended optical system must be able to read bar codes on a range of carton sizes (depth of field) by advanced focusing sub systems. The matching of laser or CCD optics with material handling and bar code constraints should result in greater than 99.9% first pass read rate.

Typical constraints that come into play when engineering an unattended scanning solution include:

Optical Constraint
Material Handling Constraints
Bar Code Type Speed of movement
1D/ 2D Code Gap between items
Bar height Transmit points
Bar length Minimum item size
Print method Maximum item size
Surfaces to be scanned Carton justification
Light source No read contingency
Code placement


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