Mantis Unattended Bar Code Verifier

The Mantis Operator Interface is an out of the box bar code / text verifier that requires no programmable logic controller (PLC). The system is self contained and is used for 100% in line verification on high speed packaging lines. If an incorrect packaging container is presented to Mantis an alarm will actuate. The Mantis Operator Interface complements FDA CFR Part 11 requirements for automatic validation and promotes good manufacturing practices.

The Mantis Operator Interface is built upon a single-board computer (18.432 MHz). There are 2 RS232 serial ports, an Ethernet port, tactile keypad, 512k flash RAM, 128k SRAM, real-time clock, four digital inputs, battery backup and 4 digital outputs. The MANTIS in-line verifier kit is designed to operate unattended in a packaging environment. In operation, the MANTIS compares learned alpha-numeric values stored in memory to actual alpha-numeric data collected by optical sensors. Typical optical sensors that transmit numeric values to the MANTIS include optical sensors, vision systems, and other types of industrial sensors. Bar codes symbols may be 1-D (UPC, EAN, Code 39, 2 of 5…) or 2-D (Data Matrix, RSS, Composite, PDF-417, MaxiCode…).

The functions of the Mantis Operator Interface can be expanded to include Brand Counting. With this additional functionality, company managers will be able to view current and historical production counts over the corporate LAN. Interim production reports, accurate up to the very last case scanned are available to any authorized user. With this application, clip boards, fence post tally and key entry of production data is eliminated.



  Mantis In Action -
"Wrong Bar Code"
  Mantis In Action -
"No Bar Code Read"

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